“Speak with friends while you ski, ride or surf. Hands-free, no Wi-Fi or cell signal needed. For adventures on slopes, trails and water.”

This action communicator blew past its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal of $100,000 and racked up an incredible $983,548 with 29 days left to go on the campaign. MILO is completely hands free and does not require a smart phone to use. Peter Celinski, MILO’s founder, describes it as “almost like being on a ZOOM call with your friends but you’re on the mountain.” MILO does not require WiFi or cellphone connection (often spotty in the mountains) rather it relies on a wireless mesh network. It works as a stand alone unit with a built in mic and speakers or can be paired with bluetooth headphones or plugged in. Sounds good but whats the range?

“The range between any two Milos is 600 meters / 2000 ft for multi-way voice, and this is extended by the MiloNet mesh network when your group spreads out. We have a long-range mode currently in development and in our testing we exceed > 1 mile (1.6 km).”

So remind me why it’s better than my walkie talkie. Here’s how they frame the downsides of walkie talkies: Okay so you got the gist. They run $169 for a single unit but it takes two to tango so you’re looking at $319 for a pair. Check out the promo video and if you’re interested in purchasing GO HERE.