“As we drove through Yellowstone on June 21, 2020, we saw a herd of elk on a ridge. All of a sudden, the whole herd moved in unison up the hill and I looked to the left to see a grizzly cub chasing the herd.”

You can roll up to Yellowstone with the reasonable expectation to see some bison roaming about and maybe ungulates off in the distance but witnessing a grizzly bear charging at full clip at an elk herd is not an ordinary sight. The following video was taken last Sunday. Here’s the rest of the story not caught on camera. The circle of life:

“As they moved across the ridge, the cub was gaining on a young elk, but they disappeared over the backside of the ridge. Others who were there said they saw the grizzly catch a calf and the calf’s Mom was calling out for it. Sad, but an amazing view of nature and the food chain.”

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