What It's Like To Ski >100mph (Vlog)

What It's Like To Ski >100mph (Vlog)


What It's Like To Ski >100mph (Vlog)


Check out this vlog from Jan Farrell, a speed skier from the UK. Farrell shows what it’s like to ski the world’s steepest groomed slope at Idre Fjäll, Sweden.

These guys and gals are INSANE. I remember the time I straight-lined a steep slope and hit roughly 65mph, and I thought I might die… I can’t even fathom going twice that speed.

Here are some crazy world-records held in the sport of Speed Skiing:

Fastest Male Speed: Ivan Origone (Italy)- 254.958 km/h (158.424 mph).

Fastest Female Speed: Valentina Greggio (Italy)- 247.083 km/h (153.530 mph).

How the Niche World of Speed Skiing is Getting Even Faster

I also need to ask some questions on the suits/gear that speed skiers wear. Here it goes:

  1. What if you’re allergic to latex?
  2. Are those suits warm?
  3. How many Space Balls jokes have been made about the helmets they wear?
  4. Why?
  5. Is it true that chicks dig speed?

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