FULL MOVIE: Snow Beast (PG-13 For Creature Violence)

FULL MOVIE: Snow Beast (PG-13 For Creature Violence)


FULL MOVIE: Snow Beast (PG-13 For Creature Violence)


People seemed to love last week’s corny feature length ski movie FROZEN, so why not follow it up with the 2011’s box office disaster, Snow Beast. The movie opens up with a snowboarder sporting an aggressive gaper gap getting mauled by an abominable snowman. Its honestly laugh out loud funny how bad this movie is. Make some popcorn, get a beverage, go in with low expectations and enjoy:

In the Canadian wilderness, people have been mysteriously disappearing every year which is being investigated by Ranger Barry (Jason London). Jim Harwood (John Schneider) brings his rebellious daughter Emmy (Danielle Chuchran) with him to Canada following her suspension from school for punching another student. When in Canada, Jim meets with his associates Rob (Paul D. Hunt) and Marci (Kari Hawker) so that they can study the local lynx. They soon discover that there are no lynx or other wildlife in the area. They soon find themselves being stalked by a mysterious snow monster that is the cause of the disappearances.

Rating: PG-13 (for some creature violence)
In Theaters:  Limited



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