The 7 WORST Things To Hear On A Chairlift

The 7 WORST Things To Hear On A Chairlift


The 7 WORST Things To Hear On A Chairlift


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Let’s be honest with ourselves. We’re all slightly afraid of chair lifts. I mean just think about it. We’re riding a moving metal chair at 5-10+mph over rocks, trees, ice, snow, and all of the above. You can’t help but have an “Oh shit” moment from time-to-time.

Here are 10 things you definitely wouldn’t want to hear while you’re on a chairlift.

1. The sound of cables snapping

Yeah… That would not be good.

2. A cry for help

It’s a shitty situation when you’re on a lift and you know people are in need of help and there’s not much you can do at the moment.

3. Thunder  

What’s the worst thing that can happen? You’re just on a wet chair completely made of metal! Electricity is NOT attracted to metal, right?

4. Shitty music

Riding a chairlift can often be a moment of reflection. Nothing ruins that quicker than someone blasting some crappy music from their Bluetooth device.

5. The creaking of the lift coming to a stop

Are you cold? Do you really want to squeeze in a couple more runs? Do you have to use the bathroom at the top lodge? Too bad. Some Jerry just got knocked out while loading the chair for the 78th time today.

6. Any kind of alarm

What’re you gonna do if you hear an alarm? I guess just sit and wait until you find out. Hopefully, it’s not a tornado or something, because you’re SOL!

7. The sound of a fellow skier repeatedly clicking the edges of their skis together

Okay, this one might be the worse.

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