CROCS Introducing New Rollerblade Version - The Croslite™

CROCS Introducing New Rollerblade Version - The Croslite™


CROCS Introducing New Rollerblade Version - The Croslite™


“The hot fire dropped this morning out of nowhere. The Roces X Crocs Skandal V.1 skate is now live on our website.”

If you’ve been on a quest for the ultimate combination of style, ventilation and mobility look no further because it doesn’t get any better than this. Introducing the CROCS x Rollerblade crossover that is about the be the number one footwear for the 2020’s. So sexy:

Ever wondered what you would get if you crossed a skate with a sandal? Allow us to introduce the Roces Crocs Skandal V.1. The Skandal combines two classic footwear icons to give you a ride you’ll never forget.

The Croslite™ footbed moulds to your foot for a custom fit with excellent arch support and the innovative reverse power-strap utilises the newest technology in anti heel-lift.

The Crocs X Roces airflow system uses the rider’s speed to draw the outside air into the ventilation pockets at the front of the skate and distribute it around the foot while the user is skating, effectively using the rider’s own speed to cool their feet. The faster you go, the cooler you get!! (*We recommend you avoid speeds higher than 10mph between December and March in Northern Europe)

What about ankle support? The Croc-tech cuff button and reverse powerstrap work in harmony to prevent any ankle-fold. Croc’s team of orthotics experts ensured that the skate was developed with the perfect anatomical structure to spread all weight across the span of the foot, making a folded ankle virtually impossible. Science.

Crocs worked closely with Roces to create the perfect Royale groove. By using Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem they were able to calculate the perfect shape and position for a royale/backslide groove. Additionally, the Skandal V.1 has been moulded from a proprietary closed cell resin which works to SLOW DOWN groove tricks, giving you back that backslide-until-you-stop steeze you were rocking on your M12’s in ‘96. Boom.

 – Ventilation ports add breathability and help sweat, water and debris drain away.
– Fully moulded Croslite™ material for comfort.
– Reverse Powerstrap for anti heel-lift
– Easy to clean, and quick to dry.
– Lightweight
– 56mm/88a polyurethane wheels
– ABEC 5 Bearings
– A Boot Only version of this skate is also available… just, um, go and buy some Crocs.

What do you think about the new Roces X Crocs Skandal V.1 skates? Croc Solid? …or a Croc of sh*t?!p.s. CROCS

didn’t think this was very funny and fired off a cease and desist email this morning 😂 



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