The World's Coolest ATV Just Got Bigger

The World's Coolest ATV Just Got Bigger


The World's Coolest ATV Just Got Bigger


We’ve been reporting on these Russian all-terrain vehicles well before they were available in the States but Kanye West recently increased their notoriety about 29 million-fold after featuring one in his music video for “Follow God.” Whelp Yeezy better bust out the checkbook because there’s a new SHERP model I’m sure he’s gonna want for his Wyoming ranch. The simply named “SHERP NEW” features a 30% larger cabin, 50% increased internal volume, and unbelievably stout 72-inch tires. These things just make me smile:

Here’s Kanye and his pops rocking the SHERP on his Wyoming ranch…pretty sure he will be ordering the new beefed up model as well:

We believe to maintain SHERP leadership position, it is important to invest and develop new solutions that will help our clients overcome obstacles or solve their business problems. We are proud to announce a new and more powerful model SHERP New was added to our lineup. ⠀

1. More powerful and eco-friendly engine.

2. Improved interior and exterior to overcome any obstacles with comfort.

3. Increased payload, max. speed, fuel tank, even warranty period. ⠀

While reliability is in the DNA of our philosophy, we are testing all our new models for hours before placing it on the market. Customers from all over the world will have an opportunity to test and buy SHERP New very soon.

QUADRO INTERNATIONAL is a company with international quality standards certificate ISO 9001. Company based in Kyiv, Ukraine, is the developer and manufacturer of the SHERP all-terrain vehicle, that has no analogues in the world in terms of its capabilities and characteristics.

It took us 20 years to develop a reliable amphibian all-terrain vehicle that can move on any surface and overcome the most difficult natural obstacles. The SHERP ATV is a reliable assistant for specialists who overcome natural difficulties as a part of their profession: geologists, oil workers, rescue agents, fishermen, hunters, extreme drivers, and travelers. In partnership with WFP, SHERP fights hunger in several countries around the world. In 2016, the British TopGear auto show called SHERP “a tank for two.”

SHERP is a technology company that helps customers to overcome their problems. SHERP actively develops a new niche, while remaining the market leader in all-terrain vehicles.

…p.s. Kanye has even gone so far as shipping in SHERPs to promote his shoe line at pop-up stores. In a way the SHERP tires kind of reminds me of the oversized inflatable looking souls on the YEEZY:


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