Ski Pioneer Klaus Obermeyer Turns 100!!!

Ski Pioneer Klaus Obermeyer Turns 100!!!


Ski Pioneer Klaus Obermeyer Turns 100!!!


UnofficialNetworks is sending out a massive happy birthday greeting to newly minted centenarian Klaus Obermeyer. The founder of Sport Obermeyer turned 100 on Monday and celebrated at a party in Aspen along with hundreds of community members.

Obermeyer was born in Germany in 1919 and moved to Aspen in 1947 where he started Sport Obermeyer. News9 reports during his first year as a ski instructor at Aspen, Klaus noticed all of the inadequacies of his students’ gear and headed to the drawing table. Klaus created nearly a dozen ski industry firsts, including quilted down parkas turtlenecks, dual construction ski boots, pre-shaped gloves, mirrored sunglasses, and high altitude sunscreen.

More than 70 years on and Klaus still calls Aspen home and is regular a regular in his shop and on the slopes (he says these days skiing is easier than walking). Happy birthday to Klaus, cheers to many more!

Here’s a recent video from Aspen Times about Klaus’s personal philosophy on living a healthy and happy life, as well as his daily routines that keep him going every day. Take notes whippersnappers:

Last month 99 year old Klaus Obermeyer reminded us that snowboarding gave skiing the gift of float and forever changed the way we ski powder:

“Snowboarding has given a great present to skis and that is wider skis.” 

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