Massive Avalanche Filmed By Nepalese Trekking Guide

Massive Avalanche Filmed By Nepalese Trekking Guide


Massive Avalanche Filmed By Nepalese Trekking Guide


“It was the most huge Avalanche I have ever seen in life although amazingly beautiful to seeing and exploring it in the high Himalayas in Nepal.” –Ram Bahadur Gurung

A Nepalese trekking guide was able to pull out his camera and capture this massive avalanche crashing towards Tilicho Base Camp which sits at approximately 16,000ft. Absolutely deadly if you’re in its path, but undeniably beautiful if observed from a safe distance.

“I am Ram Bahadur Gurung from Nepal originally, I work as a tourist guide, Photographer, social worker, Travel journalist as well as a student of master degree at the subject of journalism and mass communication in Kathmandu, Nepal and I am so glad to letting know you according to my nature since childhood that I was a nature lover and Travel lover so that I decided to create the youtube channel named ” Travel Diaries of Nepal “,to share the happiness, joy, Keep on traveling, exploring, reading books, adventuring, writing travel journals, experiencing, smiling, helping Others & finding the hidden wonders anywhere, everywhere in Nepal through my youtube channel gonna thrilling the happiness to the world. It means, i/we must really love our one of the most beautiful country Nepal in the world. The 1st highest Mount Everest, (8,848 m/29,029 ft). Buddha was born in Nepal.

Thanks a lot with, Best Regards from Nepal.

Ram Gurung.

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