Warren Miller's "Timeless" Review/Recap

Warren Miller's "Timeless" Review/Recap


Warren Miller's "Timeless" Review/Recap


I had the pleasure of going to a screening of WME’s 70th film Timeless last Friday in Madison, WI. Short review: The movie is SICK. Read the longer review below.

Warren Miller’s first film debuted in 1950 with Deep And LightSixty-Nine annual films later, Warren Miller Entertainment continues to bring the heat with Timeless. I watched the film at The Barrymore Theater in Madison, WI. It was packed to the brim with skiers and snowboarders. I honestly don’t think there was an empty seat in the almost 1,000 person theater. I kept a low profile in normal street wear, but there were plenty of attendees decked out in full ski gear, helmets and goggles included. Everybody was there to get hype for this ski season. Timeless didn’t disappoint.

The brave MC wore a Bear’s jersey deep in Packers territory.

The film started with a montage of some of the best WME clips from over the years. The big crashes elicited a harmonious “WHOOOAAA” from the crowd, and an unknown skier crushing a steep couloir had the whole theater cheering. The excitement in the room was palpable. I have seen plenty of Warren Miller movies over the years, but this was my first screening in a theater. The energy of the crowd continued throughout the film’s entirety. It was just plain fun to be surrounded by people who all shared enthusiasm for skiing and snowboarding.

After the montage, the film was broken down to different trip segments. Highlights include watching the LEGEND Glen Plake skiing pow at Mustang Powder in BC, Jim Ryan and Austin Ross crushing the terrain provided by Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, and laughing at Marcus Caston explain his fear of Chamonix. The film also features incredible segments from Switzerland, Jackson Hole, Eldora, Bella Coola, Silverton, and Austria. Each segment had it’s unique place in the film. I never felt that anything was drawn out too long. I was actually on the edge of my seat at one point watching Marcus Caston shimmy down a chute no wider than a car.

I found out, quickly, that you get more than just a show with the purchase of your ticket. Local ski hills and vendors had booths set up in the theater to win lift tickets or gear. Special shout out to Mount Bohemia, Granite Peak, Lutsen Mountains, Chestnut Mountain Resort, Erik’s Bike and Boards, and Tyrol Basin for setting up shop at the Madison show! I was also given a voucher from WME that offers free or discounted lift-tickets at most of the local resorts that were featured. Honestly, the cost of the $23 admission price more than paid for itself with the free skiing I’ll get this season.

To wrap things up. If you like a skiing or snowboarding, want to see a quality film, and like free stuff, go see WME’s Timeless before the tour wraps up! I had an absolute blast, and I will be attending every year from here on!

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