How To Ski In All 50 States Part 4 (NM-SC)

How To Ski In All 50 States Part 4 (NM-SC)


How To Ski In All 50 States Part 4 (NM-SC)


Check out the first three weeks of this series where I tell you how you can ski in every state in the US.

Part 1 (AL-GA)

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*Cover Image- Whiteface Mountain, NY. Credit: Whiteface Region*

And here we go the next 10 states!

New Mexico

Where: Taos Ski Valley

Fun Fact: Taos Ski Valley allowed snowboarders for the first time in March, 2008.

Why: Taos average decent snowfall, a big vertical, and more than 300 days of sunshine each year!

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New York

Where: Whiteface Mountain

Fun Fact: Whiteface hosted the downhill skiing events during the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Why: I need to ski “The Slides” off the Whiteface Summit.

North Carolina 

Where: Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

Fun Fact: Sugar Mountain’s top elevation is 5,300 ft. That’s higher than every ski resort in New England.

Why: Sugar Mountain offers the most vertical in NC.

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North Dakota

Where: Huff Hills Ski Area

Fun Fact: The ski area is relatively new, just opening in 1993.

Why: Huff Hills is North Dakota’s largest ski area.

Courtesy- Huff Hills Ski Area


Where: Mad River Mountain

Fun Fact: Mad River Mountain is now on the Epic Pass.

Why: Mad River is only a 50 minute drive from Columbus.

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Where: Any dairy farm.

Fun Fact: There are no ski resorts in Oklahoma.

Why: Grab a cow tail and hang on!

Image result for ski oklahoma


Where: Hoodoo Ski Area

Fun Fact: Hoodoo Ski Area’s mascot is Harold the Hodag.

Why: Hoodoo Ski Area is on the Indy Pass!

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Where: Elk Mountain

Fun Fact: Elk has been spinning lifts since 1959.

Why: Elk has some of the best steeps in all of PA.

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Rhode Island

Where: Yawgoo Valley

Fun Fact: Yawgoo Valley is RI’s only ski resort.

Why: You gotta take what you can get!

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South Carolina

Where: Ski Sapphire Valley (NC)

Fun Fact: South Carolina does not have any ski resorts, this one is close enough.

Why: Sapphire Valley is only ~20 miles from the border of NC and SC.

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