Someone Bid $18,000 For A Steamboat Trail Sign

Someone Bid $18,000 For A Steamboat Trail Sign


Someone Bid $18,000 For A Steamboat Trail Sign


As we reported earlier this month, Steamboat is auctioning off authentic trails signs to raise money for the Environmental Fund at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation. Bids started at just $50 and increased by $10 increments.

Well, there were a lot of increments. Of the 30 ski trail signs auctioned most of the signs have bids of $500 to $1,000, but one of the signs — for See Me trail, an expert run near the base area is showing a current bid of $18,000.

However, this may be a huge typo.

“We’re trying to get in touch with the bidder,” said Loryn Duke, a spokesperson for the resort told the Denver Post.  “Because we’re asking for $10 increments, and the previous bid was $170, we’re wondering if it might have been a typo — that they were trying to bid $180. That’s a really big mistake.”

The trail sign auction will close on Oct. 31.

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