The Snowiest, Coldest, and Deadliest National Parks

The Snowiest, Coldest, and Deadliest National Parks


The Snowiest, Coldest, and Deadliest National Parks


Images from NPS 

Snowiest National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is the snowiest of all our nationals parks. The area known as Paradise (elevation of 5,400 feet) receives an average of 650″ of snow a year. The area also holds the world record for annual snowfall (1,122″) set in 1971-72.

Coldest National Park

It’s probably not too surprising that Denali National Park is the coldest National Park. Not only is the park located in Alaska, it’s also the tallest mountain in North America. What’s impressive is just how cold it gets.  The average low temperature is well into negative numbers, sometimes dipping to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Deadliest National Park

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is the deadliest of all the National  Parks. The 1.4 million acres spread across Arizona and Nevada is deadly for two main reasons. First, the park can be very dangerous for hikers from early spring to late fall due to extreme desert heat. Second, is the park’s massive lake itself. With close proximity to Las Vegas, many visitors take to the water under the influence of drugs and alcohol resulting in a large number of drowning deaths. The park averages a staggering 25 deaths each year.

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