Solitude Eliminates Free Parking

Solitude Eliminates Free Parking


Solitude Eliminates Free Parking


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The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Solitude Mountian Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon will start charging for parking. The resort is looking to reduce the number of cars driving up to Big Cottonwood Canyon and hopefully push more people into taking a bus.

General Manager Kim Mayhew told the Salt Lake Tribune, “It’s all about changing behavior. It’s like a science experiment. It’s an opportunity for us to jump off the cliff, do something, and then get some good data on what happened.”

Vehicles carrying one or two passengers will be charged $20, $10 for three passengers and $5 for four or more passengers.

Eviormentlist see this move as a bold step to reducing car traffic in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Some Solitude pass holders see the move as a way for the resort wot squeeze more money out of their loyal skiers and riders.

Other resorts in the area, including Alta and Snowbird, have not said that they will discontinue free parking.

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