VIDEO: "The Wingman" Bike Hitch For Your Scooter

VIDEO: "The Wingman" Bike Hitch For Your Scooter


VIDEO: "The Wingman" Bike Hitch For Your Scooter


“There isn’t complete clarity about this being road legal everywhere.”

Loving this dude out of India who invented a sort of sidecar mtb hitch for his scooter.  As a product designer Anindya Roy used his skills to mock up and create a working model that allows him the freedom to split lanes in traffic, not use so much gas and scoot up to trailheads inaccessible by car. LEARN MORE HERE:

“Hi everyone! Here’s a whacky little idea I thought up a while ago to take my MTB around with me, attached to my scooter. Not always wanting to ride the bicycle to a trail head or often just scouting around for undiscovered off-road routes, I needed something nimble and easy to use which would also let me leave the car at home.

I made a prototype which I tested with success and have been using since. Subsequently I’ve also made a small batch of these which are up for sale at Rs.3,800 a piece. It is intended to be used for MTBs and not other types of bicycles. If you’re interested in one, do get in touch! The kit needs a bit of customizing to fit different makes and models of 2-wheelers which can be carried out at most local workshops. “

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