Sorry a bit late to the party but this 2018 TetraSki is badass. reports the electric powered ski developed by the University of Utah Health provides independent turning and speed variability through the use of a joystick and/or breath control, using a sip-and-puff technique. Ideal for individuals with the most complex physical abilities the TetraSki allows users to enjoy downhill skiing in their own ski chair with an instructor tethered behind in case of emergency braking but is not used to initiate turns. LEARN MORE HERE:

The TetraSki is a modified version of the Tessier Snow’Kart, which features electric-powered actuators on each ski and both a joystick and mouth-controlled system for independent control of turning and speed.

A tether — to the instructor — is used as an emergency brake but is not used for turning directions. A wireless remote offers TetraSki instructors a safe way to demonstrate proper skiing technique.

The TetraSki offers an unbelievable level of independent control over a wide variety of terrain. This technology — tested extensively through the University of Utah adaptive ski program (TRAILS) — has replaced the traditional, tethered bi-ski approach in the TRAILS program for individuals with high spinal cord injury and for other diagnoses with significant upper extremity impairments or asymmetry.

A TetraSki computer simulator also has been developed to dial-in customized control settings that can be exported and used with the actual TetraSki