If you shake Alex Honnold’s hand you might wince a bit because the dude predictably has crushing grip strength. Alex was messing around with The Camry Dynamometer before the Oscars decked out in his tux and used the little gadget to quantify the crazy amount of force in pounds his grip exerts. Fun little toy to have laying around if you climb and for $30 its not crazy expensive as gift. BUY HERE.

  • ACCURACY – Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor, the hand dynamometer gives you accurate momentary digital reading of gripping power. Measuring Capacity: 198lbs / 90kgs; Division: 0.2lbs / 0.1kgs
  • USER FRIENDLY – Squeeze the hand dynamometer with maximum isometric effort for at least 5 seconds. After testing, the LCD will automatically display the maximum grip value and a grip value status bar showing the status of “weak”, “normal” or “strong” according to age and gender preset for each test.
  • MEMORY RECORD – The device can store data for up to 19 definable users, and their records can be recalled anytime when needed; Moreover, the incremental increase or decrease from the last record will be automatically shown for comparison after each test.
  • Adjustability – Turn the adjustable gear to get an ideal grasp according to the size of hands. It is good fit for both big hand and small hand.

EASY TO READ – Large LCD screen shows all measurements clearly on the same screen. Displayed measurements include: user code, age, gender, grip value in pound or kg and grip status. Engineered for home, sports and clinical use. 2* AAA batteries included; 5-year product warranty.

Buy: Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement 

Buy: Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement 

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