High Winds At Sugarloaf Destroy Summit Radio Tower

High Winds At Sugarloaf Destroy Summit Radio Tower


High Winds At Sugarloaf Destroy Summit Radio Tower


Yesterday was a very windy day in the state of Maine. Wind gusts exceeding 100mph on were so strong on Sugarloaf Mountain that they toppled the communications tower.

Sugarloaf alerted skiers and riders via social media that the mountain itself does not use that communication tower for anything vital, so operations should remain normal for the remainder of ski season. The mountain does however, lease the tower out.

“It’s been a pretty wild day on top of the mountain today, to say the least. A lot of you have probably seen these images going around this evening and we can confirm they’re real. This tower was blown over in a gust of wind earlier today.

Sugarloaf doesn’t own or operate any of the communication towers on our summit – we lease space out to various companies who manage a number of towers. We don’t use them in any operational capacity, so this shouldn’t affect mountain operations in any noticeable way.

It’s a good reminder though of how intense conditions on our summit can get sometimes, and why it’s always best to heed ski patrol closures on the summit at all times.” – Sugarloaf Mountain

Pete Lyons commented on Carson’s post with a photo of his own showing the tower just two days ago.

Thankfully no one was hurt by the accident.

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