Only The Truly Rad Will Understand Snow Boogie Boarding

Only The Truly Rad Will Understand Snow Boogie Boarding


Only The Truly Rad Will Understand Snow Boogie Boarding


“Snoogee Boards ($199) are the ultimate carving sled, designed for everyone. Anywhere there is snow – from sledding beginners to experienced boarders, skiers, kids, parents and versatile action sport enthusiasts looking for a snow fix!”

Australian brothers Michael and Ben have invented a whole new category of sledding and only those with radness deep in their souls will understand the potential. Michael’s passion lies in snowboarding while Ben’s first love has always been bodyboarding. The fusion of these passions have formed The Snoogee Board. Their Kickstarter campaign is live now. Explore HERE.

“The Snoogee’s low centre of gravity creates all sorts of possibilities for surfing down the slopes and, in another first, it’s capable of creating resort run and urban sledding, which until now, has been the exclusive domain of skiing and boarding. Almost anywhere you can ride a snowboard you can ride a Snoogee Board too.”

*****To be really clear, they are not selling snowboards with the Snoogee deck and trucks on Kickstarter. You will need to attach a snowboard to our deck and trucks to complete your sled.

In the exploded view below you can see all the components of the Snoogee deck and trucks as well as the snowboard you will need to add to complete the sled:


My skiing roots started at a place known by many on the eastern seaboard. Smuggler’s Notch, VT. Three mountains. Five two-seat fixed (…)

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