Qualifications for gear tester include making a decent snow plough turn and being an expert at falling in the lift queue. While this job listing by Tenson  may be a publicity stunt, the two positions are quite real and they are accepting applications now. They pay 25 Euros an hour ($28.34 USD) and the job includes a round trip from your home to Idre fjäll (no matter where in this world you may live). The cut off is February 11th so if you’re interested make sure to apply now HERE


Do you love the great outdoors? Are you passionate about skiing even though you’re somewhat mediocre at it? Have you ever dreamt about get- ting paid to spend time in the mountains? Then this position is for you.

EMPLOYER: TENSON | PLACE: Idre Fjäll, Sweden | POSITION: Professional Ski Gear Tester | SALARY: EUR 25/h | APPLY BEFORE: February 11th, 2019 | NUMBER OF POSITIONS: 2


At Tenson, we’re currently seeking two truly enthusiastic yet mediocre skiers, who will have the pleasant task of testing out our latest ski gear collection by skiing the way they’ve always done. A tendency to fall is hence seen as a competitive merit.

For over six decades, we’ve been making innovative, functional clothing of the highest quality, proven to withstand during the harshest conditions worn by the most savage skiers. Being serious about our vision to enable the outdoors and making garments for everyone, it’s now time to thoroughly test our gears on the Average Joe skier. And that’s where you come in.

The Tenson product development department needs first-hand intel on how our ski gear can, for instance, withstand a 50 meter long tumble against an icy slope, going all in (and beyond) on the after-ski party and getting caught in the t-bar ski lift.

Very limited prior experience of skiing is beneficial but not a requirement. We believe that the successful candidate for the job has a test-and-learn mentality, never got a compliment for their riding style and thrives in a fast-paced environment. A true passion for outdoor activities and the right mind-set is more important than the perfect set of skills.


Since 1951, Tenson has been among Sweden’s leading outdoor brands. Our belief is that everybody de- serves the same chance to explore and enjoy nature. By offering quality for everyone, from skilled adven- turers to first time hikers, we’re a democratizing force on the functional clothing market.


  • Knowing how to make a decent snowplough turn.
  • Being an expert at falling in the lift queue and/or in the lift and on the slope.
  • In the snow park, your only trick is an unintentional “eagle”.
  • You should have no idea what “pow”, “ripper”, “glades” or “poaching” means.
  • Every time you rent ski boots you tend to change them 2-3 times claiming there must be something wrong with them (since your feet hurts so bad).


Enjoying your time in the mountains.


  • Take the ski lift to the top.
  • Ski down the slope. Repeat.
  • Provide us with feedback on your Tenson gear.


Not necessary.


  • Round trip from your home to Idre fjäll (no matter where in this world you may live).
  • Delicious food and drinks from the Swedish cuisine (we’ve got a lot more to offer than meatballs).
  • Amazing cabin within walking distance to the slopes.
  • Ski gear rental.
  • An awesome set of the latest Tenson skiing collection (that you’ll get to keep for future adventures).
  • 4 day SkiPass.
  • 8 hrs private skiing lessons (to increase the chances for you to someday go pro-ish).
  • As a bonus, you’ll get to bring your best skiing enthusiast friend (all expenses paid).


You will be working from perhaps one of the world’s most beautiful offices: Idre fjäll, Sweden. Expect rugged mountains, beautiful lakes and magical forests inhabited by wildlife and warm, friendly people. With its 26 ski lifts and 40 amazing slopes it’s one of the largest mountain resorts in Scandinavia. More info: idrefjall.se.

Fixed salary of EUR 25/hour. Daily shifts from 09 AM – 12 PM and 1 PM – 4 PM. Two temporary (with possibility of extension) positions available. People worldwide are welcome to apply.


We’re looking forward to your application. Apply by simply clicking the button below and fill out the ap- plication form. Please don’t bother to attach your resume, cover letter or any other certifications. Success- ful candidates will be contacted through e-mail.


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