Report From Powderchasers

SUMMARY: The Previous 48 hours brought several feet of snow to the Wasatch and a healthy dose of powder to most of the western mountains of Colorado. The storm performed as forecasted with the southern and central mountains south of I-70 first grabbing decent rewards with SW winds with the northern mountains kicking in on Wednesday. Steamboat grabbed 16 inches with Vail in the 10-inch range. Beaver Creek scored higher amounts with the westerly winds initially before shifting NW. The next 7 days looks very active for the Sierra with an atmospheric river of moisture and cool temps. The Wasatch, Cascades of OR and WA, Tetons, Central Idaho and eventually Colorado are all in the mix for next week. You can chase from the Cascades or Sierra Saturday/Sunday to the Rockies for Sunday/Monday.

Below: Snowbird was buried on Wednesday with 54 inch 3 day storm totals.  2 feet fell in 24 hours. 

FORECAST: Snow has tapered in most locations in the west. The next chases look possible for the Cascades of WA or Oregon for Saturday and Sunday.  This storm has very cold air and will bring one of the first truly “Blower” type pow to the PNW this season.  It’s not a major system but will be capable of producing a foot of pow focussing on the central or southern Cascades of WA (Stevens, Alpental, Crystal, White Pass) and most of Oregon. Snow will begin falling late Friday and continue into Saturday for most of the central or southern Cascades of Washington.  Oregon may see higher amounts that will begin late Friday night and continue into Sunday.

Below: Snowfall for WA/OR through Sunday morning.  Highest amounts are in the southern Cascades of Washington and most of Oregon.

The Sierra gets very active again next week.  A moderate system moves in for Saturday.  Cold air and heavier snow are likely to be falling in the Sierra Saturday night into Sunday.  The northern Sierra looks to be favored slightly over the south.

Central Idaho and the Tetons feel the impacts of the first Sierra Storm (Saturday event), Sunday with good west wind directions.  Central Idaho and the Tetons should score some moderate snow during this period.  The Wasatch catches up late Sunday to Monday with moderate to heavy snow.

Colorado gets all the leftovers that could produce moderate amounts for a wide area of the State late Sunday night with good storm skiing on Monday.  Areas in the northern and central mountains are favored!

You can start your chase in the Cascades on Saturday/Sunday and end your chase in Colorado for late Monday.  The Sierra would also be a good weekend option.

EXTENDED: Another moderate system is likely for the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday with a significant system likely for the Sierra for Wednesday/Thursday.   That system looks to take a more southerly track over the 4 corners on the mid or later period of next week.

Below: Total 7-day snowfall for the Sierra through next Thursday (24 inches in Truckee). These amounts are going to trend lower or higher being in the long-range forecast.

It’s a very active period for much of the west!   Please support our sponsors and sign up for the Concierage program if you want custom chase forecasting. 

Enjoy the powder everyone!

Powderchaser Steve

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