Cold, Canadian smoke @Lake Louise | Photo: Will Lambert Photography | Cover: Sunshine Village

The conditions have been outstanding as of late at nearly all of Banff’s nearby ski areas and even Mt Norquay has had more than a handful  BLOWER days on the books this season. As usual, the majority of snow remains at Sunshine Village and Lake Louise but one thing is for sure– EVERYONE just had a stellar week of powder skiing and if this keeps up– it might be a record year for Banff.

Conditions Report [SkiBig3]

*Snow totals are 7 day

  • Sunshine Village – 16.5″
  • Lake Louise – 15″
  • Mt Norquay – 15″

Forecast [Sunshine Village]:

“A cold, dry arctic ridge has pushed down over the region from the north, with increasing clear breaks into tomorrow afternoon as cloud is moved out. Temperatures will remain quite cold, warming marginally into mid week.

The ridge starts to weaken mid week, with some occasional cloud returning, and the chance of some sporadic flurries near the end of the week.”

[sigallery id=”jgHUWoUt4RNL7XSrqdJrE8″ title=”Sunshine Village Powderday” type=”sigallery”]

Find up-to-date Banff conditions here: SkiBig3 Snow Report

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