Sugarloaf, ME | Photo: Vratkostrmen  | Cover:Ruth Hartnup

A trio of renegades from outside the state of Maine recently visited Sugarloaf and after an eventful afternoon spent lost in the woods, they are no longer allowed to ski at one of the best ski areas on the east coast.

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According to Portland Press Herald, the three men in their early 20’s ducked a rope before venturing off the backside of the resort during a snowstorm. They quickly became lost.

They tried making their way out through dense brush and forest but became tired and unsure of their location. At roughly 2:40, they called 9-1-1 and were ultimately rescued by an inter-agency team that included Sugarloaf Ski Patrol, Carrabassett Valley and Kingfield police & fire depts, as well as the Maine Warden Service.

They were ultimately rescued but have since lost “skiing privileges” @Sugarloaf for the forseeable future.

Find the entire Portland Press Herald article here: Three out-of-state skiers lose privileges at Sugarloaf after skiing out-of-bounds

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