“I’ve had four surgeries on my right knee. I’ve got no LCL [lateral collateral ligament] on my left knee. I’ve got two braces on. There’s only so much I can handle and I might have reached my maximum.”

Lindsey was hoping to compete in one last major championship, the worlds in Are, Sweden, next month but after racing in Cortina Italy with double knee braces and joints that she describes as “bone on bone” the prospects of that are up in the air. Vonn has 82 World Cup victories, the most wins for female skiers and just four fewer than than Ingemar Stenmark on the mens side. The CBC reports Lindsey will address skiing future “in next few days.”

Whatever Lindsey decides to do we got her back.  Lindsey is true warrior and has battled back from serious injury after serious injury making her a legend not only for her speed and skill on course but her grit.  Legend of a lady.

p.s. this is a letter from a young fan that is a great example of why Lindsey means so much to the sport. Got a bit wispy reading this:

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