Will Novak’s GoFundMe Page

Will Novak is a dude who’s pretty much game for anything. So when a typo caused a bachelor party invitation to land in Novak’s inbox, he was all in from the get-go. Does it matter that Novak lives in Arizona and the party is scheduled to occur at Vermont’s Okemo Mountain Resort— hell no! 

According to Vermont Public Radio:

Novak said the email outlined a bachelor party at Okemo Mountain Resort for a man named Angelo. Highlights of the weekend would include 80s ski outfits, a BBQ night and matching T-shirts. Novak doesn’t know Angelo, but he replied to say he’d be there and would bring Sudoku puzzles. He assumed he’d never hear back.

But as it turns out, the cool AF dudes that were actually invited to the bachelor party say they’d be stoked for Novak to party down. The rub? We all know skiing can be expensive, and Novak has a 10-month-old and a recently remodeled house on the ledger.

Not willing to let his financial situation get in the way of an epic party (*see details above), Novak started a GoFundMe campaign asking for a modest $750 to cover his travel expenses. He was fully funded within hours. He says he plans to use the additional $2,550 or so he’s raised as a gift for the groom-to-be Angelo. 

In fact, the whole internet seems to have come aboard. Novak is now fielding interviews from multiple press outlets, offerers from local businesses, and you can even follow along on his serendipitous shredding trip this weekend via his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Before you do, read the whole story from Vermont Public Radio. Then, channel your inner Will Novak make some new friends this weekend. It’s a short ride.

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