Are You A Furloughed Government Employee? 5 Reasons To Say 'F*ck It' & Become A Ski Bum

Are You A Furloughed Government Employee? 5 Reasons To Say 'F*ck It' & Become A Ski Bum


Are You A Furloughed Government Employee? 5 Reasons To Say 'F*ck It' & Become A Ski Bum


Shutdown? Go Shred! | Photo:Leo Leung | Cover: daveynin

The United States government shutdown is affecting thousands of furloughed federal employees. It’s getting particularly tough, with no estimate to when work may restart or when a consistent paycheck might return. For those lucky enough to afford the abrupt stoppage of employment, we at Unofficial Networks urge you to get out and ski with your well deserved time off.

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However for those unlucky enough to be out of work, and not in a position to enjoy the unplanned vacation, now may just be the best time ever to start a modest new career as a ski bum.

Here are 5 reasons why becoming a ski bum is a terrific decision, even if those stuffy government jobs return in the new future.

Less stress

Quite simply working for the local ski area sounds a whole lot more enjoyable and easy-going than your typical bureaucratic government career. Heck, even the feasibility of living off meager ski resort wages doesn’t matter as much when you don’t stress about work– that’s an #unofficialfact. Since you’re out-of-work anyways, taking that $10/hour job operating chairlifts, or teaching ski lessons still beats no income at all– especially if empoyee housing is included. What may be an emergency decision to re-gain employment this winter could just end up being your new, and vastly more satisfying profession/lifestyle

Better benefits

Sure government work has long been praised for its great benefits, and safe retirement strategy. If the government shutdown has taught you nothing yet, don’t take any job for granted; (your grandfather did have to survive through the great depression after all). A ski resort job will most likely not pay well, but at least get you a free season pass, which will absolutely benefit you more in the short run. Just don’t get your coveted season pass pulled by ski patrol.

Work somewhere beautiful

Unless your ideal environment is a cubicle, switching careers to that of a ski bum is a wonderful decision for improving your setting. Both your health and sanity will applaud your decision to get into the mountains and away from the hectic, unpleasant urban lifestyle. Many government jobs are bound to the district, city or state for which they represent. By making the decision to be a ski bum, you can head for any mountain paradise you desire– especially since basically every ski resort is currently understaffed.

May we suggest Courmayeur? | Photo: Barclay Idsal

Avoid awkward political conversations

Thankfully ski areas are a refuge from political debate, something that even non-partisan government jobs aren’t fortunate enough to experience. On the chairlift, people may argue about Vail v.s. Alterra, or whether Alta should allow snowboarding; but if someone decides to pipe up about actual politics, any true ski bum will shut the conversation down– quickly. Being on the slopes is all about enjoying the environment, not bringing the real world issues into our admittedly escapist mentalities.

Climate change is real

The saddest injustice of our politicized world is the real threat that climate change presents to snow sports in general. As our planet hets warmer, we witness snow packs are rapidly decreasing across ski communities. A future with less powder days should be a fantastic impetus to make the most of every season, here and now. Why work a job you dislike now to ski or ride when you’re retired? By the time you reach your government pension, the snow may not even be worth skiing on. So take the plunge, become a ski bum now before the government re-opens and you go back to your dull day job.

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