“At first you think, ‘What bad luck. We are the only car that got trapped in it.’ But after the fact, we are like, ‘How blessed we are that it wasn’t worse?'” -David Kennebeck 

Close call for a Colorado couple that struck by two avalanches while driving through Utah over the weekend. ABC7 reports Erica and David Kennebeck were driving on a mountain road when two slides broke loose dumping more than five feet of snow onto their vehicle:

“I thought, ‘I might be able to get out of this.’ Then I saw 40 and 50 feet in both directions – two bigger slides that we could not get out of” -David Kennebeck 

The shaken couple managed to climb out of the driver’s side door and flag down help. A driver caught on the other side of the slide took them home. Great reminder to always keep a shovel in your vehicle when you’re winter driving. Stay safe out there!

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