Whether you believe their environmental motivation or not, Eldora enacted a newCOME WITH THREE, PARK FOR FREE!” parking initiative last week whereby on peak days“Vehicles with fewer than three occupants will be required to pay a per-vehicle parking fee of $20.”

Whelp, locals obviously freaked out and Eldora did an abrupt about face on the new policy because “Eldora is committed to embracing input and adapting accordingly.” Read the full press release below: 


Eldora Changes Course On Paid Parking And Appeals To Community To Take Action To Reduce Congestion And Emissions and Keep Eldora Accessible as Boulder’s Backyard Playground

NEDERLAND, Colo. Dec. 11, 2018 – On weekends and holidays throughout the winter, many Eldora guests arrive with two or fewer passengers per car, causing parking lots to reach capacity quickly, which limits guest and emergency access to Eldora and creates traffic congestion on roads leading to the mountain.

In an effort to solve this issue, Eldora introduced an initiative last week to alleviate its parking-capacity issues and gain the corresponding benefits of reduced traffic, congestion, and emissions. The initiative was informed by guest input and designed to improve guest access and incentivize behavior that protects the environment, a core value for Eldora and our broader community.

Today the resort announced it will change course. “We heard our guests’ impassioned feedback loudly and we’re changing course,” says Brent Tregaskis, Eldora’s president and general manager. “As a community partner, Eldora is committed to embracing input and adapting accordingly. We will not introduce paid parking at this time because we did not give our guests sufficient notice.”

Eldora will continue to do its part to protect the environment and alleviate congestion by offering first-come, first-served premier upfront parking for vehicles arriving with three or more passengers; continuing to provide free RTD bus passes to Eldora on certain peak days; and remaining open to considering all options in the future.

“The fact remains that without paid parking on peak days we expect we will have to continue to turn guests away due to overcrowding again this season,” says Tregaskis. “We are working closely with the County to increase our parking capacity, reduce traffic, and lower emissions, but we aren’t there yet. Given that we are rescinding our paid-parking proposal at this time, we need our guests to speak as loudly with their actions as they have with their words.”

With this shift, the resort is putting out a call to action for guests to take personal steps to keep Eldora accessible to as many people as possible, and address congestion and emissions by carpooling or taking RTD to the mountain. Boulder guests are also encouraged use the 2,000-plus free weekend parking spots in City of Boulder lots and garages to facilitate carpooling. As Boulder’s backyard ski area, Eldora is committed to productive partnerships with our guests and our course-change on paid parking reflects this commitment.


images from teem.useless IG eldora twitter

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