Have you been naughty or nice? | Photo: Barclay Idsal | Cover: Smith Optics

The snow is flying and Santa is currently drinking beer while waxing the skis on his sled. So to keep the stoke alive amongst the laborious, shred-deprived and sober elves in Santa’s workshop, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ski bum gifts for the 2018 holiday season.

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Whether or not you’ve been naughty or nice all depends on how many days you skied thus far… 

Smith I/O Mag Goggle

This year Smith Optics is getting onboard with magnetic technology. This new, built-in feature allows for easy lens exchange without having to ‘pop’ individual lenses in and out. In the past Anon and others have worked on similar tech but their lenses (*in respect to durability) don’t compare to that of Smith.

Buy here: Smith I/O Mag ChromaPop Goggle

Moji’s Pro Massage Bundle

Skiing can get your body all out of wack. The Moji’s Pro Massage Bundle will help you keep your body rite. The Moji Foot Massagers, Moji Rollers, and Moji Wraps are great.  We particularly like the foot massager for after skiing foot relief.

Buy Now: Moji’s Pro Massage Bundle

Darn Tough, Captain America Ski Socks

When it comes to ski socks, we’ve been on board with Smartwool’s PHD line for years. That ends this year after trying on Darn Tough ski socks for the first time last spring. Their lifetime warranty is simply undeniable and these Made in the USA ski socks are as supportive as they are durable. But what really surprised us was their staying power. The socks do not slide inside your ski boot after a bell-2-bell day and for the price– Darn Tough is darn tough to beat.

Buy here: Darn Tough Captain America Ski Sock

Patagonia – Triolet Outerwear Kit [Men]

Maybe we’re getting old but it seems like weight is the make or break factor for buying outerwear these days. Patagonia’s Triolet Kit is not only extremely light, but its alpine backbone will keep you protected in the harshest of climates.

Buy here: Triolet Jacket & Pant

Picture Organic Clothing – Ticket Outerwear Kit [Women]

Picture is doing great things for the ski community. Not only is the European founded outerwear company creating some of the most stylish/functional pieces in the game but all their products are sustainably sourced as well. Get the gear without the guilt.

Buy here: Picture Ticket Jacket & Bib

Sunski – Treeline Sunglasses

Whether putting out the vibe at aprés or making a summit push along a windy ridge-top, these sunglasses are the perfect all around pair. The Sunski Treeline sunglasses have a glacier goggle backbone accompanied by an Italian inspired frame design that results is a stylish set of shades that keep you from going snow-blind.

Buy here: Sunski Treeline

Showers Pass – Waterproof Gloves & Socks

For those who like to maintain their running routine during the winter months, Showers Pass socks and gloves will make that snowy jog a whole lot more enjoyable. Not only do the gloves keep your hands dry after you take a minor slip on the singletrack, the socks will keep toes warm even in the soggiest of conditions.

Buy here: Showers Pass Gloves & Socks

Sorel – Out and About Felt Boots [Women]

Made with high-grade felt and premium leather, Sorel created the ultimate ‘out and about’ winter boot for the ladies. These slick shoes will keep your feet warm while not weighing a ton– something that not all winter boots can claim.

Buy here: Out n About Felt Boots

Kind Design – Ski Area Topo Prints

Kind Design recently debuted a series of inspired topo maps and they are stunning. These high quality prints are perfect for the office, living room, or tune shop, and they will undoubtedly remind you of all those forgotten nooks and crannies at your local ski area. Since there are 60 ski areas to choose from– chances are good that your’s is available.

*$2 from every print sold will be donated to Protect Our Winters. 

Buy here: Topo Prints

Black Crows – Corvus

For the first time since its inception, Black Crows overhauled the design of its wildly popular Corvus ski. The new ski is 2mm narrower than its predecessors and features and almost flat profile with gradual rocker in the tip and just a little early-rise in the tail. The change allows skiers to shut down speed much easier while also having the race backbone Corvus lovers have come to expect.

Buy here: Black Crows Corvus

Jones – The Solution

Split that board in two this season and get out in the backcountry with the best option for snowboarders. The Jones solution is a perennial favorite and it’s no wonder why– seeing as the godfather of splitboarding himself stays deeply involved in the R&D side of his own company.

Buy here: Jones Solution

AIARE Avalanche Course Registration

More important than any single piece of gear is one’s own mind. Make sure to stuff some knowledge into your noggin before venturing out into avalanche terrain this season. #KBYG

Find a course near you: AIARE Training Course List

Kora Shola 230 Yak Wool Base Layer Kit [Women]

While pricey,  you won’t find a better fitting, better performing baselayer for women. The top and bottom are made of the highest quality yak wool, which the company claims is more comfortable than merino. In addition to being super cozy, the kit also retains the same thermal qualities as merino and gets bonus points for never getting stinky.

Buy here: Kora Shola 230

Patagonia Capilene® Air Base Layer Kit [Men]

A new piece that Patagonia is debuting this season is their Capilene® Air Base Layer. The new baselayer kit boasts a blend of synthetic (49% polyester)  and natural materials (51% merino) . Patagonia is claiming that this is its “most innovative baselayer ever.” We believe them…

Buy here: Patagonia Capilene® Air Base Layer Kit 

Acorn Men’s Digby Gore Slippers

Made from 100% Italian wool, owners will coo when slipping their feet into these bad boys after a day of skiing deep pow in tight-fitting ski boots. Don’t underestimate the power of a good slipper.

Buy here: Acorn Men’s Digby Gore Slippers

BCA T2 Rescue Package

Before you sign your friend or loved one up for an AIARE sponsored avalanche course, make sure to get them a decent avalanche safety package such as the T2 kit from BCA. This kit won’t break the bank but it’ll definitely get the job done. The Tracker 2 has been a favorite for the last 5 years.

Buy here: BCA T2 Rescue Package

Just remember, don’t be like Clark…

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