Dan Sherman looking good during a “work trip” to Japan | Photo: Barclay Idsal | Cover: Adrienne Alta

As the winter ski season comes to an end, no one wants the regret of having missed the best powder days of the season. So with ample time left to make this the best of the ski season of your life, we’re answering the age-old question: how can you ski more and work less?

Set A Realistic Goal For # Of Ski Days

It may seem cliché to claim the number of days you ski each season, but it can also provide a powerful incentive. Needless to say you don’t have to be a ski-bum god and get 200+ days a year in order to be satisfied.

Instead, set an obtainable challenge. If the goal this season is to get 30 days of skiing in, gauge your free time appropriately and catch that last lift of the day if you have to. If you don’t earn your desired number of days, your friends will (*should) give you loads of shit so you never miss your self-imposed benchmark again.

Air out the stress, go skiing | Photo: Barclay Idsal

Pre-Set Your Weekly Schedule For Success

Inconsistent work schedules can make it difficult to consistently ski or ride during the season. If this is the case, setting aside at least one day a week where you can make the effort to ski for a couple of hours will help keep the streak going.

Some ski resorts like Mt. Rose, NV sell a ‘My Pass’ which allows passholders to select specific ski days each week. Try skiing every Sunday this season for instance, it could end up being the prized powder day each week. You never know…

Invest In Touring Equipment

If you can’t get off work early enough to catch ‘last flock’, you might want to think about getting into the ski touring game. Willpower depending, the ability to get out and rock a one run dawn patrol prior to work is a favorite routine for professionals in a ski town.

A great source of cardio, ski touring can be an excellent winter alternative to jogging, cycling or swimming laps as well.

Get deep on your day off | Photo: Adrienne Alta

Simplify Your Ski Commute

While making the journey to ski the mega-resort several hours out-of-town is undoubtedly exciting, opting to ski at a closer, smaller local hill can help get you out more regularly.

Maybe this year buy a season pass for the homegrown ski area instead and sacrifice # of amenities for # of days on the hill.

Incorporate Skiing Into Everyday Responsibilities

Sneaking ski laps into your everyday responsibilities is a pro move. Whether that means suggesting to the boss that the corporate retreat take place at the mountain or snagging in a lap before picking up the ski racing kiddo; why not jump at the opportunity to go skiing?

At the end of the day we all just wish we could get a few more turns before winter ends, so might as well strategize now.

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