The Top 5 Things You’ll Miss About Living in a Ski Town

The Top 5 Things You’ll Miss About Living in a Ski Town


The Top 5 Things You’ll Miss About Living in a Ski Town


1. Weekdays Off

In order to make the most money and ski on the best days, many ski bums work through the weekend so they can enjoy their Monday/Tuesday’s off. It just so happens that these are the best days to ski since destination skiers are leaving and no influx happens until Thursday.

The Result?

An empty hill with the exception of those willing to wake up early on a Monday morning.

2. Shit Jobs

The things about shit jobs in a ski town is they’re just that—shit jobs. The pressure of a daily trek towards a distant dream career is nonexistent and the freedom that comes with these jobs is unparalleled outside of a ski town. So wait that table, tech that ski, and pound that nail—freedom is close at hand—or whenever the seasons change. Because, if you really want to go to that Phish show, chase pow in Utah, or just no call/no show to work, there’s always another shit job just around the corner.

3. Summer and Winter

Ski season and summer are both better when you live in a ski town. Trips to the national forest are usually under an 30 minutes away in the summer and so is the ski hill when accessed by public transportation. Bottom-line, proximity to the national park and ski hill always trumps proximity to a city park and reputable school districts.

Photo: Barclay Idsal

4. Living in a House Full of ski bros and/or chicks

Living in a one bedroom in the city just doesn’t compare to living in a house full O’ bros and/or chicks. There’s never a dull moment in a ski-bum house and since normal weekday schedules don’t apply in ski towns, chances are good that tonight is someone’s Friday. Not to mention, nothings says good morning like four people drinking coffee, farting, and dropping skis at 7AM… Almost brings a tear to my eye.

5. The Offseason

According to Robin Hand from Aspen Extreme “I kinda like the off-season.” This is a huge understatement. Offseason is akin to a summer vacation for ski bums, with summer coming twice in one year.

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