“At HEAD we live and breathe skiing 365 days a year. Our passion for the sport of skiing doesn’t have an off switch.”

Liking these cheeky little videos by HEAD Skis showing how their athletes have  “No Off Switch.” Clever marketing campaign. Which one are you?

“To be truly fearless is not an easy task, but before Sam Lee drops in, he turns off his mind. He is able to visualize the warm sun hitting his face, the blue skies, and of course his little brother yelling at him to get off the trampoline.”

“Matthias Mayer is not just one of the most talented and fastest skiers of all time; he also helps keep the HEAD office stairwell properly waxed for all employees. Mayer has a dedication to the sport that inspires us to wear spandex to work and always say hello in the elevator.”

“Jesper Tjäder is one of sports best Freestyle skiers and has performed some of the coolest and most difficult tricks ever. His success comes from practicing over and over and over…even while standing in line to order a Curry Wurst. And when its Food Truck day and everyone is hungry, we have to really snap him out of it.”

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