Unbelievable Artificial Wave Pool Debuts In Australia

Unbelievable Artificial Wave Pool Debuts In Australia


Unbelievable Artificial Wave Pool Debuts In Australia


Surf Lakes International is an ambitious new project in Yeppoon, Australia and hopefully on track to becoming a world-class surfing destination in the near future. Wave pools were once largely considered a novelty by the surfing community, but new technologies and large investment have made creating consistent, respectable barrel waves a real thing.

The artificial waves at Surf Lakes are generated by a ginormous plunger shaped weight, which creates pressure in the pool and delivers powerful waves against a contoured bottom. The engineering of the wave pool has created 5 distinct breaks, each with appealing characteristics for any surfer. Among the designed waves are barrels, heavy slabs and even mellow beach breaks for beginners.

The perfectly timed and shaped waves at Surf Lakes are a welcome change to unpredictable natural conditions, which can leave any surfer frustrated. After the positive reception of the competition held at Kelly Slater’s artificial wave this past summer, the more sterile conditions provided by mechanical waves may also be a way to strengthen interest in surfing contests.

No information is currently available on any opening dates for the public, yet the statistics announced at this point are impressive. Ideally the Surf Lakes will produce 2,400 waves an hour, or enough for 240 surfers to catch 10 waves each 60 minutes. Eventually the project is hoping to generate waves of 3-8 feet,  the video evidence shows much smaller swells for now.

So to guarantee great waves on your next surf trip without any weather planning, make a trip to this dusty ranch in Australia not some idyllic beach on the ocean.




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