Two Guides Killed In New Zealand Avalanche

Two Guides Killed In New Zealand Avalanche


Two Guides Killed In New Zealand Avalanche


Two guides were killed in an avalanche near New Zealand’s Mt Cook yesterday morning Radio NZ is reporting. Jo Morgan, a climber who was accompanied by the two guides ultimately dug herself out and survived

All three were roped up at the time of the avalanche. They were hoping to ascend Mt Hicks via the Harper Saddle. The two guides have since been identified as Martin Hess and Wolfgang Maier.

“Numerous storm slabs up to size 2 were observed on a variety of aspects. Three climbers triggered and were buried in a 50 cm deep by 70m wide slab on a west aspect at about 2650m just above harper saddle this morning.” – Aoraki/Mt Cook Avalanche Advisory

Morgan was lucky enough to have one hand free and she proceeded to clear and air pocket for herself before slowly self-rescuing. It took her roughly and hour to reach the snow surface.

Find the entire RadioNZ interview here: Jo Morgan on her avalanche survival –  ‘I’m very, very lucky’

*Our deepest condolences go out to the victims’ friends and family

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