Image Credit: National Parks Service

Bears are one of the most majestic creatures found roaming around the mountains. These handsome animals blend stunning good looks with impressive resourcefulness, power, and occasionally, violence.

Everyone who dwells in bear country have seen these noble creatures perform amazing tasks, typically in the name of finding food. Whether it is a bear figuring out creative ways to break into your vehicle to collect your Big Mac wrapper or letting himself into your house to raid the fridge, they are smart. They can remember the trash pickup schedule to raid the neighborhood on days the trash cans are going outside.

As smart as these animals are, they are also known for some less than intelligent things. They are terrified of dogs, which weigh hundreds of pounds less than they do. Bears get hit by vehicles quite regularly and they frequently get their heads stuck in buckets or containers.

Indeed, these adorable animals are both intelligent and a little clumsy. Here are some amazing facts about the mental capacity of these fantastic furry behemoths from and One Kind Planet.

Fun Facts Regarding The Intelligence Levels Of Bears

-Bears have a very high ratio of brain size to body size.

-Navigation skills are superior to those of humans.

– Some believe that bears have the ability to interpret some sense of natural beauty. Scientists have observed bears sitting at vista points for hours staring at a river or mountain views. Coincidence? Possibly.

– They are capable of using tools, sometimes to a stunning level of complexity.

“[Bear trainer] Doug Seuss’s kodiak grizzly Bart picked up and carried a wooden board to a thorny bramble set it down over it, and used it as a ‘bridge’ to walk over the thorny bramble safely so he could get to a coke can he found in the middle of it.” –

– Some scientists believe bears possess a level of self-awareness where they can recognize their own reflection.

– Bears grieve one another. Cubs have been found grieving a mother’s death and cry when separated from one another.

– They can smell food from miles away and they have excellent vision. Some believe they are the mammal with the best sense of smell.

There you have it. These facts may be a nice conversation starter should you encounter a loquacious bear in the wild. More realistically, you may gain a better understanding of these pesky and gorgeous giants.