“The new GripWalk sole offers excellent walking comfort and traction thanks to a high-profile, slip-resistant sole.”

If I were to CripWalk in ski boots I might just use GripWalks from Fischer. The new soles promise a more comfortable non-slip commute from your car to the base using Vibram rubber and a rounded sole profile for a more natural walking feeling. Fischer literally has an entire website dedicated to their new GripWalk sole and binding system so please go HERE for complete information. 

“We’ve all been there – when it’s just a short stroll over frozen snow or slushy sections. But the route over slippery steps and wet wooden terraces can quickly become a complete slide fest. Ski boots simply don’t seem to be made for walking. Don’t be silly! Using GripWalk soles will put an end to sliding. The curved profile ensures natural rolling properties and increased walking comfort whilst the ribbed hi rubber profile provides the grip you need to stop sliding before it starts.”


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