Woman Plans On Riding 170MPH On Her Bike

Woman Plans On Riding 170MPH On Her Bike


Woman Plans On Riding 170MPH On Her Bike


No 170mph wasn’t a typo…Denise Mueller-Korenek is 100% serious about pedaling her custom built bike at over 167mph and setting the world record.  She already owns the woman’s world record with a top speed of 147mph but she isn’t stopping there and wants to be the fastest cyclist male or female. She calls it Project Speed and its nothing short of incredible. Here’s how she is going to to do:

ABOUT The history of SPEED RIDING From DENISe’s Website:

What is the Paced Bicycle Land Speed Record?

Bicycle records set when the cyclist drafts (rides) behind a motor vehicle to minimize wind resistance. The vehicle is usually modified slightly by adding a tail fairing (an exterior structure) to keep the wind off the cyclist who is riding behind it.

This type of record was invented by Charles “Mile-a-Minute Murphy” who drafted a train to set a 60 mph record at end of the 19th century. In order to accomplish this feat, a mile of plywood sheets was attached to the railroad ties ensuring that Charles would have a smooth surface riding behind the train.

In 1938, Alfred Letourneur reached 91mph at a velodrome in France riding behind a motorbike.

In 1985, Denise’s coach and 3 time Olympian, John Howard, set the record at 152 mph riding behind a dragster car at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

In three separate centuries, less than a dozen people have set a bicycle land speed record.

In 2016 Denise Korenek (Mueller) was successful at setting the first ever Women’s paced bicycle land speed record of 147.7mph and September 14-17, 2018, Denise will attempt to break the overall (men’s) record of 167mph…images from FireCycle FB & theprojectspeed.com

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