Mr Powell himself knows how to apres | Photo: The Powell Movement
Mike Powell has been ensconced in the ski game longer than most pro’s. He spent 16 years at K2 Sports, managing some of the sport’s biggest names, creating content and organizing events such as The Back 9 and Kamp K2. In his own words he’s been spending his life “working his ass off for the love of sliding snow.”
His new podcast series, The Powell Movement, features some of skiing’s biggest legends. We reached out to Mike to ask his thoughts on the podcast and his future in the ski industry, here are a couple ‘Deep Turns’ with the man himself.

Deep Turns: Mike Powell 

UN: What gave you the inspiration to start a podcast?

Mike: With my event background, I wanted something to get my voice out there to get more events.  I threw the idea of a podcast out to my wife, she was like of course, all you do is interview my friends when they come over and make them uncomfortable or share too much.. so she bought me a podcasting kit for father’s day.  I’ve never used any of the gear but that gift is what really what made me decide to quit my job a few months later and chase a dream I didn’t even know I had.

UN: Any dream guests you’d like to have on the show?

Mike: No real dream guests.  I mean, big names get more listens but I find that everyone has a different, cool story for the most part.  I don’t know if this makes me a shitty person but I am fascinated in the episodes where drugs come into play, alter a career, and then get back on track.

UN: After spending so many years in the ski industry; do you ever think you would work for a ski company again?

Mike: Of course I could work for a ski company again. Traveling around the world to ski, working with athletes/dealers, being involved in the development process, that’s fun stuff.  I miss it at times but, if I’m able to make podcasting work, and I’m getting there, I’d never want to go back to a desk job again. Even if it was a cool desk job, I really like talking.

UN: Do you have any episodes you recommend for a first time listener to check out?

Mike: I really like all of them but if I have to pick a few off the top of my head they would be:  Mikey Leblanc, Nate Bozung, John Spriggs, Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), and JT Holmes.

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