Who knew perpetually riding a school bus could also be living the dream. 6 years ago Andrew Talbot wasn’t feeling fulfilled at his traditional job so hung up his hat and became a visual artist.  Eventually he purchased a 1990 Chevy Van 30 Thomas School Bus and taught himself how to keep it running while kitting it out for living.

Then he set out on the trip of his dreams, driving the entire west coast of North America.  He’s 3 months into his voyage and couldn’t be more satisfied. If you see him on the road give a toot and thumbs up for really doing it!

***After a cursory search of Ebay for used busses I found out they are mad affordable and maybe an inroad for aspiring van lifers that are short on cash but can swing a hammer. I highly encourage you look them up too even if you aren’t in the market. Its fun just to see what available. GO HERE.