The Remote Beatles Themed Ski Resort For Powderhounds

The Remote Beatles Themed Ski Resort For Powderhounds


The Remote Beatles Themed Ski Resort For Powderhounds


Far, far north in British Columbia, Canadian skiers and snowboarders have the privilege of exploring Powder King Mountain Resort. A remote area to ski, the long journey to reach Powder King is well worth the 500 inches of snow the area receives each winter.  Over 600 miles from Vancouver, BC and nearly 500 miles to Edmonton, AB, the remoteness of Powder King helps to contribute to its lack of crowds and amble first tracks available after each storm cycle.

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Even with its remote location, Powder King still has a respectable 2100 feet of vertical drop, across 925 acres of trees, rocks and wide groomers. The terrain outside of the ski area is also very enticing for powder hounds with great opportunities for backcountry skiing on areas such as the Elevator Shaft. Powder King may not have the restaurants, high-speed chair lifts or fancy amenities of other ski resorts, but if you are taking a ski trip for the snow foremost, you will not be disappointed traveling to Mackenzie, BC.

One of the charming features of Powder King is the Beatles themed trail names, music aficionados will love skiing down runs such as ‘Paperback Writer, ‘Hard Days Night’ or ‘Strawberry Fields’. Many of the mountains 37 runs have a musical theme, and the vibe at Powder King is wholly unique. The available beds for lodging are very limited at Powder King, so making a reservation in advance is a good way to ensure you can relax and enjoy the Canadian Rockies without worrying about driving to the ski area each day. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Pine Pass, Mackenzie, BC or Powder King Mountain Resort, it is luckily a well-kept secret, that keeps rewarding skiers and snowboarders brave enough to make the effort. 

Mountain Stats:

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 500″
  • Vertical Drop – 2k+
  • Skiable Terrain – 925 acres
  • Chairlifts – 3
  • Trails – 37

Find out more here: Powder King Mountain Resort

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