Terrifying Story of Local Surfer Nearly Dying After Three-Wave Hold Down

Terrifying Story of Local Surfer Nearly Dying After Three-Wave Hold Down


Terrifying Story of Local Surfer Nearly Dying After Three-Wave Hold Down


The world knows this spot simply as “The Right” and the consequences of riding it can be deadly even for seasoned locals. Bradley Norris survived this three wave hold down at the Western Australia, which pinned him to the bottom even after inflating his vest and can laugh now as he tells the tale.  Be careful out there girls and boys…surfing can go from the best time you’ve ever had to downright deadly in a matter of seconds:

Here’s written explanation fromBradley Norris’s Instagram:

This photo was taken on Saturday about 15 minutes after blacking out due to a 3 wave hold down at The Right.
Jake Osman and I where doing doubles and I was at the back with the camera. I went down hard on a around a 15ft set wave… It drove me straight into the bottom and pinned me there. Still trying not to lose the camera and pinned to the bottom I managed to pull one cord on my inflation vest… shortly after feeling another wave was going over I pulled another cord to inflate more and it was still holding me down. At this stage I’d been down for 2 waves at over 10m deep so roughly 30-40 seconds. Shortly after Once my body begun to gasp for air I new I had to shut off…. I wasn’t sure which way was up all I new I had to relax and shut my body completely off… I knew I was about to blackout and at this stage i would of been down for close to 1 minute. I kept telling myself to relax and when you blackout make sure you keep your mouth closed and not to swallow any water. I wasn’t panicking, I was relaxed but I new that if I took in water that could be the end of me.
At some stage I must of busted though the top, maybe I took a breath and come back into conscious, im not to sure I just remember opening my eyes and seeing @zac_haynes charging in with his hand out to grab me…. Zac said I came up with a lifeless look in my eyes with blood coming from my nose and ears.
He grabbed me but with the next wave right on his tail I was unable to hang on… I didn’t have any strength left in me to keep hanging on and fell off the back of the ski… nearly blacking out again with only a hold down of no more than 15seconds by the next wave….
Luckily by this stage we had been washed so far in i was able to get some breaths in before the next waves came over me and Zac being able pick me up…
I’m extremely lucky to have not sustained any major injuries or worse.
@zac_haynes with out your rescue, getting in to help me in the time you did I would hate to of thought of the outcome…. Thank You mate….🙏🏼 Also thanks everyone for your kind words & support on here and to me personally. Looking forward to getting back into the water soon. 🖤
Photo // @anjsemark


images from bradleynorris ig

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