Colorado Springs, CO | Photo: Postoak | Cover: Max and Dee Bernt

“The rest of the nation has caught on to what local residents have known for years: Colorado Springs is a great place for young adults to live.

Millennials are moving to Colorado Springs at a higher rate than anywhere else in the country, a newly-released study shows.

Though many believe Colorado Springs can’t attract — or keep — millennials, that hasn’t been true for years, said Dirk Draper, president of the Colorado Springs Chamber and Economic Development Corporation.”OutThereColorado

Colorado Springs boasts decent proximity to the mountains and traveling on Hwy 24 to Breckenridge, Copper, or Ski Cooper is a lot less stressful than driving on I-70 to just about anywhere. That’s a fact. But to say that millennials should be ‘flocking’ to the area is not proof of a hidden gem but rather proof that millennials are just plain stupid.

Colorado Springs is not, I repeat not– a cool town. A good place to raise a family? Most definitely. A good place to find a consistently good paying job? Also definitely.

But millenials are opposite of the atomic family. Right? Don’t they want to switch jobs, sexual partners, and residences faster than they can upload a stupid boomerang to their Instagram story.

Then why are they moving to the most white-bread town in America? But then it came to me– Being a millenial myself, I realized we have an insatiable thirst to “hispterify” everything and anything in our range of vision. And what place could possibly be in need of “hispterification” than C-Springs?

All of a sudden, there’s gonna be dank coffee everywhere, tapas restaurants, and maybe a new music venue. But still, who wants to do all that work? Millenials that’s who. And that’s why we’re the dumbest generation. Just going around hipsterifying everything.

Find the entire OutThereColorado article here: Millennials Flocking to One Colorado City at Highest Rate in America

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