IDEA: Pour Your Own Beer & Pay With Your Lift Ticket

IDEA: Pour Your Own Beer & Pay With Your Lift Ticket

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IDEA: Pour Your Own Beer & Pay With Your Lift Ticket


“Long lines at Ski resorts are mood killers. Let your skiers use their existing RFID ski badges to pour beer, wine, cocktails, cocktails.”

What if your lift ticket or seasons pass also served as a magic key to infinite beer? The dudes at Pour My Beer want to make that a reality at a ski resort near you. They specialize in self-serve beer systems that use RFID chips for payment (which are already included in most lift tickets/season passes).

In a world where automation is around every corner this does not surprise me but the checks and balances provided by a bartender can be indispensable in keeping decorum.  Great idea or disaster waiting to happen…let us know!

Here at, our specialty is the concept of “self-serve Draft Beer” either at the table or at self-serve Beer taps on a wall. Both options can either be mobile or built into existing or new construction sites.

The value in self-serve draft beer is twofold:

1: The bar owner is able to track and sell their draft beer directly to the customer, which prevents waste, loss and theft while maximizing profitability.

2: The customer is able to refill their drink as they need to, which creates a more positive and engaging customer experience, less wait which result in a better experience for the customer and higher draft beer sales and profitability. Refilling one’s beer or getting another round can take upwards of 15 minutes, while our method is instant.

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