Three Social Media Celebrities Perish After Falling From Waterfall

Three Social Media Celebrities Perish After Falling From Waterfall


Three Social Media Celebrities Perish After Falling From Waterfall


Cover: GoFundMe | The group released a statement on the members’ passing saying, “they were three of the warmest, kindest, most driven, and outgoing people you could ever meet. The world has lost a great deal of light with their passing.”

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that three members of the ‘High On Life’ social media group have died after falling roughly 90 feet from British Columbia’s Shannon Falls.

The deceased include Andrew Ryker (30), Megan Scraper, and Alexey Lyakh. According to eyewitness reports, Scraper was on her way to slipping over the edge of the falls when the two went to her aid. All three wound up plummeting into a second, much lower pool.

“Our community would love to hear anything and everything on how Ryker, Alexey and Megan may have inspired you. A story, a picture, a song, a video – use the Hashtag #HOLinspired so we can collect all of your love and thoughts in one place.”GoFundMe Page

Ryker and Lyakh made national news in 2017 when they were fined for walking across the extremely sensitive, not to mention dangerous geothermal geyser’s of Yellowstone.

RCMP Press Release:


On July 3rd, 2018, at 11:55 am Squamish RCMP received a call from BC Ambulance regarding three people who were swimming in one of the pools at the top of Shannon Falls. The individuals were with a group of friends when they slipped and fell into a pool 30 metres below.

Squamish Search and Rescue (SAR), Lions Bay SAR, BC Ambulance, Squamish Fire, BC Parks, and Squamish RCMP attended to the scene in order to coordinate the search efforts.

“SAR teams, multiple Helicopter Units, and RCMP have been working in all capacities to locate the three people” stated Corporal Sascha Banks. “At around 8:30 pm last night teams were able to confirm the location of the three people in one of the lower pools.  The RCMP and Squamish SAR have transitioned to a recovery of the bodies from the pool but the terrain is extremely difficult, very dangerous, and the water flow will be heavy with the warm temperatures today, increasing the risk to those in the recovery effort.”

Specialized RCMP and SAR teams are already on site this morning. Until the joint operation is completed Shannon Falls and any trails leading to the pool system at the top of Shannon Falls are closed to the public.

RCMP will not be releasing the names at this time.

Released by

Cpl. Sascha Banks

*Our deepest condolences go out to the victims’ friends and family.

Find the entire Vancouver Sun article here: ‘They wanted everyone to live their best lives’: Friends, family share tributes to three killed in Shannon Falls

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