This Star Wars Death Star Camping Tent by The Monster Factory brought a smile to my face and while I don’t endorse it for backcountry excursions, what it lacks in practicality it makes up for in fun.  Would be great for backyard adventures with the kiddos or cosmic journeys at music festivals if you catch my drift.  They will set you back $328 but thats way less than a flight will be on Virgin Galactic:

product description:

That’s no moon…it’s a space station!  We are taking camping to a whole new galaxy with this mind-bending outdoor abode.  Whether you’re a Jedi, and want to infiltrate the foolish Lord Vader’s battle station or a Storm Trooper who is ready to fight to the death, this is the high spec tent for you.

No more threading metres of highly flexible pipes through canvas, the Death Star Tent uses a new rapid construct system with a knuckle click one-piece mechanism. Just pull the centre of the poles and they open together requiring a quick click of the knuckles and the tent frame, ground sheet and inner tent are constructed in under 60 seconds.

  • Beautiful high quality replica of the notorious Death Star
  • Comfortably sleeps 3 people (or Stormtroopers)
  • Made from high-quality Oxford polyester
  • Insect netting
  • Inner and outer door
  • Pockets on the inside to store items
  • Internal hook to hand light
  • Tent outer
  • Tent inner
  • Guy ropes
  • Extra strength pegs
  • Carry bag
  • Instructions
  • Height 115cm x Diameter 230cm
  • Weight: 8kg



Here’s Billy Murray from before he was famous when he went by the stage name Nick Winters doing his lounge show a ski lodge for a lucky hand full of people. Sorry if you never get this Star Wars song out of your head:

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