WATCH: How To Hit An AirBag On A Snowboard

WATCH: How To Hit An AirBag On A Snowboard


WATCH: How To Hit An AirBag On A Snowboard


Step 1: Get lucky enough to access an on slope airbag

Step 2: Don’t ask questions, huck, repeat

Basically this video is just a declaration that you can hit an airbag jump owned by The Airhouse in B.C. The tips on how to not smack your neck on the lip throwing a backflip or to carry enough speed to make it to the lip are laughable but they pretty much sum up the amount of skill it takes to hit these things. That’s not to say that a skilled rider couldn’t see major improvement with an airbag at their disposal. LEARN MORE HERE.

“Perhaps no other single practice tool has driven the rapid progression of tricks in snowboarding and freestyle skiing as much as the giant air bag”. Airbags offer further progression with this extra step, moving from tricks to landing on the bag, allowing for repetition in safe environment while you learn to hone whatever it is you have chosen to master – Something high calibre Olympic athletes are using more and more nowadays. 
Academy sessions at Airhouse start next week, our core training in Trampoline, SKB, Freerunning and Dirt Jumps is to learn body awareness, control and spatial orientation. Air awareness skills first step, Airbag the next 😉 📸Big thanks to talented @vinceemond for these shots of the Airhouse Airbag up in the Callaghan Valley.”


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