Celebrate Spring By 'Wigging Out' This Weekend At Brian Head's Spring Carnival

Celebrate Spring By 'Wigging Out' This Weekend At Brian Head's Spring Carnival

Brian Head

Celebrate Spring By 'Wigging Out' This Weekend At Brian Head's Spring Carnival


Why woudn’t ya? | Photo (+Cover): Mark Wilder/Brian Head Resort

Spring is in the air and Brian Head is ready to fire up the barbecue, tap the keg, and send it into the pond skim for what will be one of the last weekends of operation at the southern Utah ski area.

Cardboard races and a bikini slalom are scheduled in addition to pond skimming. The theme this year is “wig-out.” So grab your favorite faux headpiece (*we recommend this Mullet & toboggan in one) and get weird.

“Brian Head Resort brings along our own brand of crazy fun this coming weekend, April 6 & 7 with the (30th??) Annual Spring Carnival and Great White Weekend.”

The snow is sticking around later than we expected thanks to a series of late season blasts of winter weather that started in mid-February and continued through March. All lifts are scheduled to stay open through the festivities and spring hours are currently in effect (930am-430pm).

Photo: Mark Wilder


  • Navajo Lodge Activities: 9:15AM-9:45AM | Cardboard Race Sign Ups ( DON’T BE LATE)
  • Giant Steps Activities:11:30AM-12:30PM | Giant Steps Event Sign Ups ( DON’T BE LATE)
  • Cardboard Sled Race – 10:00AM SHARP | Get your sleds built NOW!! Sleds are to be built from cardboard and duct tape only, they can be painted or decorated, prizes will be given for the fastest sled, best of show and best crash. Only event taking place strictly at Navajo Lodge.

  • Around the Mountain – 12:00PM | Form your team. Which team can get around the mountain the fastest, collect clues and puzzle pieces to complete your run.
  • Bikini Slalom – 1:00PM | Put on your best or worst bikini and race through the NASTAR Race Course for the fastest times.
  • Pond Skim – 2:30PM | Brave the chilly mountain pond, can you skim across without sinking – can you splash the crowd?

Find out more here: Brian Head Resort Spring Carnival


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