VIDEO: Avalanche Beacon Lessons with Xavier de le Rue

VIDEO: Avalanche Beacon Lessons with Xavier de le Rue


VIDEO: Avalanche Beacon Lessons with Xavier de le Rue


“Remember to have your phone at least 50cm away from your transceiver.”

Honestly these types of simple reminder videos should be on mute with closed captions on a loop at all times at every little backcountry ski shop above their beacon section. A dedicated little monitor to educate but most importantly remind.  Watch, ingest, share.

***Notice how Xavier says avalanche backpacks are mandatory for backcountry kits.  I’m aware they are really expensive, especially if you are just dipping your toes in the backcountry scene and some argue they give people a false sense of security and lead to imprudent judgement calls in the backcountry, but if the foremost big mountain snowboarder in the world says they are absolutely mandatory, you should consider the wisdom behind those words.

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Playing with fire today…. I knew this slab could go, so I took speed to cross the section to the safe area on the shoulder, but feeling the snow crack under your feet is always scary. Be prepared when dropping in to your line, know your safe zones and exit routes. Perfect example for the latest episode of How To – Manage Avalanche Danger, which is out now, link in my bio.  #howtoxv Every day is a school day… J’ai un peu joue avec le feu sur cette ligne aujourd’hui. je savais que la poche de neige a la sortie du premier couloir était susceptible de partir donc heureusement que j’y suis rentre avec suffisamment de vitesse tout en visant l’épaule pour aller me réfugier. Malgré tout ca n’est jamais agréable de sentir la neige craquer sous les pieds et devant soi. Super important d’être toujours prêt a ce que ca parte en drossant dans une ligne, d’avoir anticipe les zones de refuge. Bon exemple pour mon dernier episode How to – manage avalanche danger into a line. Le lien est dans ma bio…

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