Lone Peak | Photo: Goldman60 | Cover: Audrey

Whoever said middle aged skiers can’t rip, certainly hasn’t met Big Sky local Rob Leipheimer.

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This past Valentine’s Day, Leipheimer spent the majority of his waking hours with the lovely yet lonesome, Lone Peak Tram. Between opening and closing, the 50 year-old Big Sky skier snagged a record 35 tram laps at a rate of 5/hour, which translated to him skiing approximately 50,750 vertical feet in total.

The previous record holder is believed to be Luke Stratford, who did 31 tram laps over the course of a single day back in 1998. 

According to Montana Untamed, Leipheimer’s previous personal best was 27 tram laps in a single day, a milestone he surpassed at roughly 1pm. With his own PR behind him, he continued for broke– skiing as hard as a man can on a couple cups of coffee and what little food he had time to eat during the marathon ski-fest.

Due to poor visibility, he kept his route the same every time, going from Main Gully to Cron’s and back up the Lone Peak Tram. He rode his 35th tram of the day at 3:06 before descending the entire way to the base. LEGEND!

Find the entire Montana Untamed article here: Skier sets new Lone Peak Tram lap record: 35 laps, 50,750 vertical feet

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