Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | The Better Bloody Mary [Presented By TLS Of Jackson]

Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | The Better Bloody Mary [Presented By TLS Of Jackson]


Aprés Cocktail Of The Month | The Better Bloody Mary [Presented By TLS Of Jackson]


[Post courtesy of The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole]

Savory, a little sweet, accompanied by a wide range of bar buffet items…

…the Bloody Mary has been a staple to many a bar dweller since the early 20th century. Invented by an American in Paris during the bleak days of U.S. Prohibition, the Bloody Mary continues to grace menus of even the darkest watering holes– with an incredibly wide variety of ingredients. From beef bouillon and pigs blood to fresh pressed tomato juice and roasted tomatillos, I’ve crafted this infamous beverage in a myriad of ways. However, my favorite doesn’t even include vodka which would probably make even Queen Mary I – whom it may or may not be named for– role in her crumbled grave. Then again, it may not…

The Better Bloody Mary— is now my favorite and here is why: I can still get weird and infuse my spirit with Dry-Aged Ribeye Bones. I can still use fresh roasted tomatoes, tomatillos, onions and garlic for my base. I can still use the most ridiculous quantity and variety of garnishes – have you seen the whole fried chicken!? Or, I can just grab my favorite pre-made Bloody Mary Mix – Freshies or Zing Zang – and mix one up. The only difference is the spirit. You might be asking, “What in the hell do you use?” and my answer might be something you’ve never heard of or seen gracing the list of your favorite cocktail bar.

It’s Brennivin! Brennivin is the secret ingredient for your next hangover induced College Basketball watching or ladies hanging Brunch (or whatever excuse it is you use for drinking in the middle of the day).

Brennivin is one of the only spirits imported from Iceland to the United States and it just so happens to be imported through this blessed town of Jackson. Brennivin is an Aquavit; a flavored spirit that is primarily produced in most Scandinavian countries that imparts unique flavors like liquid rye bread and anise. This is due to the primary flavoring ingredient being caraway seed. This savory, rich flavor in a spirit is not as hard to play with as you would think but the easiest, tastiest combination I’ve used it in is the Bloody Mary – or the Better Bloody Mary.

With all the rumors flying around about the benefits of drinking tomato juice at high altitudes – Jackson resides at an elevation of 6,237 ft or 1,901 m above sea level – the amount of Coors Originals that were consumed at the Cowboy Bar last night, or you just need something to accommodate that hot tub soak, this combo should be the way you drink your next Bloody Mary.

The Better Bloody Mary

  • 2 oz Brennivin
  • 5 oz Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
  • .5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice


Pour ingredients over ice into a 16 oz pint glass. Using another glass or stainless-steel shaking tin pour ingredients from one vessel to the other a few times. Garnish glass with Celery Salt and pour mix into glass. Garnish with anything and/or everything.

Brennivin -Aquavit (1L) — $39.99


An Icelandic Aquavit Brennivin is nuanced and palate-cleansing, look for a mild, savory scent and bracing notes of dill, fennel seed and pine, plus a brisk, zingy finish that suggests caraway-seeded rye bread.

Buy here: Brennivin – Aquavit

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